The New Redshift 

Redshift Records was originally created in 1998 as a way for me to distribute the music and audio projects that I produced. Shortly after it was brought to life I also created and maintained a Shoutcast radio station under the name Redshift Records Net Radio (RRNR) that helped drive traffic to the web site. RRNR was "on the air" almost continuously from 1999 until 2008 when I finally took it down to avoid having to pay fees under the modified RIAA codes .

I greatly enjoyed maintaining and operating RRNR over the years, but as it fell so did my interest in keeping the web site up to date. Thanks to everyone who listened to the station and gave me support over the years. With a variety of web sites available that stream on demand music (like Pandora ) I doubt I'll ever re-launch RRNR.

I'm still not sure what entirely I intend to do with the newly resurrected Redshift Records web site, as my personal blog and the family site both give me an outlet for the things I need to publish online. I imagine I'll re-post all of my old music eventually, but for now I think it's enough to have a working web site up again.

If you have any ideas, let me know.

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